Special Collections Event May 3&4, Erickson All Sports Facility, 8am to 2pm

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About Us

Wood County has 16 private sector drop-off sites.  The Authority co-sponsors countywide cleanups each year collecting over 40 tons of waste for recycling each year. The SWA partners with Waste Management, Inc. and DuPont to sponsor household hazardous waste collection drives.  The Authority gives presentations and programs to local schools targeted at elementary age children.  They also work with scout groups, 4-H clubs, garden clubs, etc.  The Authority also works with the Little League, has recycling containers at the welcome center on I-77, provides recycling containers to various organizations for special events and are involved in the Nike Reuse A Tennis Shoe Recycling Project.

Wood County Solid Waste Authority 
Mission Statement

The Wood County Solid Waste Authority’s Mission is to provide our community with a convenient and cost effective waste reduction and recycling program, and to promote environmental sustainability and preservation.

We will help residents understand the benefits of recycling so that Wood County can achieve a greener and cleaner environment. Through proper distribution of information and educational programs, we will involve an increasing number of citizens in our efforts to reduce the amount of product disposed of in our landfill.  Our goal in this effort is reduce and reuse first, and then recycle 50% of all our disposed items, and therefore avoid meeting the capacity at the landfill, which will require the opening of an additional site.

We will help vendors for materials such as paper, plastic bottles, electronics, batteries, light bulbs, aluminum and other scrap metals to find the best end use so that more of these materials can be reused into new products at a reduced cost. 

We believe it is vital to conserve the resources of our beautiful county.  Our hope for the future lies in our respect for the earths bounty.  We will start with recycling, but let us recognize that all our resources are finite, and our job will be to figure out how to make them last.